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jackassh said: do you have a link to where I can buy tickets to see you in Camden on the 13th of February? can't seem to find somewhere to buy them anywhere x

Hey there isn’t a ticket link but it’s free entry with guestlist which we can put you on! Some more details here -https://proud.nutickets.com/events/8475 ◊ x ◊

◊ we are heading out on our first tour on Friday - stoked ◊


Diesen Track habe ich vor ein paar Tagen gefunden und seitdem lässt er mich nicht mehr los. Einfach ein schöner Track zum tanzen, trinken, Fahrrad fahren, einschlafen…für jede Laune geeignet!

Die Band High Tyde sollte man wohl ein bisschen auf dem Radar behalten. Mal sehen, was in der nächsten Zeit noch von den Jungs kommt.

Anonymous said: You guys are really amazing! I'm also a fan from the states so it'd be cool to see you guys live some time. Maybe a tour with the 1975 is in order? ;) Anyways, just a suggestion, but you guys should do a introduction video or smth bc I'm sure fans want to know your names by your face. Sounds lame but hey, it'd be cool!

Hey! We would love to come to America one day, The 1975 are getting pretty big now so I’m not sure if that will happen but we’re massive fans and see them all the time! ThankYou for the message. Love, High Tyde xxx

◊ Connor ◊

Anonymous said: You guys recently followed me on twitter and ever since I couldn't stop listening to your music! It's fabulous! Please keep doing what you guys do best! Hope to see you guys in the United States someday! :) You're all gorgeous! Stay young and fabulous xxx

Thank you soo much, this means a lot to us especially coming from the United States and we hope to be over soon!

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